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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Basic Elements of the Bohemian Style

Clothes that are '60s and '70s inspired are the highlights of this trend. Buy unique items from vintage stores, thrift stores & flea markets. Layer your clothing; combine different textures and patterns. Try a floaty dress over jeans, a tunic with tights and boots or moccasins, shorts with tights, or cardigan sweaters in earthy tones. If you do decide to mix patterns, stick to a basic color scheme, and alternate the size of the patterns (such as a small floral print with white graphic stripes). Sandals, boots, & flats made of natural-material (like hemp or leather, instead of plastic), are perfect shoes for this trend. Wear scarfs and slouchie hats. Buy headbands, unique purses and chunky jewelry. Look for natural stones, like turquoise. Long strands of beaded necklaces in subdued colors, layer chain necklaces together and wearing wooden jewelry, will also add to this look. For braclets, add many chunky wooden and metal bangles together. For rings, wear large stone rings, some gemstones can be: turquoise, red jasper and onyx.


Hair and make-up should be natural, casual, &earthy.

Leading Boho Designers: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Missoni, ChloƩ, Roberto Cavalli, Anna Sui, Jimmy Choo and Bottega Veneta are among the designers latching onto the boho look this season. These designers have put together vintage-inspired collections that are a successful modern take on boho chic.

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