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Sunday, April 1, 2012

taupe of the town


Easter Centerpiece

Pastel Flower Bouquet with Eggs

    Bring Easter to your table with this dazzling flower-and-egg centerpiece. Place a clear drinking glass or thin vase in the center of a large-mouth jar or canister, and stack eggs between the glass and the jar. Fill the glass with water. Arrange flowers (we used roses, gerbera daisies, tulips, hyacinth, and bells of Ireland).

Easter Inspiration

Beautiful Blooms
For an Easter decoration you can use year after year, have kids cut flowers from paper napkins and d├ęcoupage them onto ceramic eggs.
What you'll need: Floral paper napkins, scissors, foam brush, Elmer's glue, blown-out or ceramic egg, small roll of tape
Make it: Cut flowers or desired design from paper napkins. If using 2-ply napkins, peel away the thin white paper backing from the cutout napkin pieces (this will make it easier to glue to the egg). Use a foam brush to apply glue to half of the egg, then press a napkin flower on top and cover with a thin layer of glue. Add more napkin flowers, one by one, making sure to brush the top of each with glue. Place the half covered egg on the roll of tape and let dry for about 15 minutes, then repeat for the other half of the egg. When completely covered, set the egg on roll of tape and let it dry overnight.

Dubai, The Impossible City

The Most Expensive Car in the World

The Bugatti Veyron...1.5 Million

Quote of the Day

The History of April Fools Day...

When King Charles the IX of France introduced the Gregorian calendar in 1582 it changed the first day of the new year to January 1st. Before that it was celebrated during the week of March 25 thru April 1. Those that refused to acknowledge the change continued to celebrate on April 1st and were considered "fools" for not changing. It became commonplace to play jokes on these people.

Sweet Sixteen


The Best Things In Life Are Free

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Classic Adaptation